Welcome to our Home!!

The site is on the making. Kindly check after a few weeks, thanks for your patience. At the moment, it is only a place holder for testing purposes.

This site will provide enough resources for anyone interested to learn mathematics from the basic concepts and fundamentals systematically. The contents will have topic-wise documents in html and pdf formats along with animated pages to demonstrate each and every concept.

The Requirements

  1. The math in these pages are captured as MathML, which is the global standard for presentation of math in the web., supported and maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium.
  2. To view these pages, you need a browser that supports MathML.
  3. Not all the browsers fully support MathML, among all the browsers, FireFox supports the MathML standard best.
  4. FireFox also provides many plugins to render the MathML using your preferred math fonts chosen from among ten or twelve different font families.
  5. The pdf can be viewed and printed using any of standard pdf viewers, that includes, Acrobat Reader, Okular, Evince, etc.
Once the site is up and running, links will also be provided to the repository that has all the L A T E X sources of the documents and supporting libraries that created these html and pdf pages. Necessary documentation shall also be provided.

Specimen pages

Please visit this page to see two of the documents as proof of concept.